Panthere de l'Amour Demitri - SSilhol - Zoo des Sables2


Panthera pardus orientalis

It is the most endangered species of leopard of the wolrd.
Only 50 individuals are still surviving in the wild.

WEIGHT : 25 to 48 kg

FOOD : Deer, wild pigs, hares, badgers.

THREATS : Poaching (fur and traditional medecine), deforestation.

RED LIST : Critically endangered.

ECO-GESTURE : Use serviets, napkins and handkerchieves in tissue (rather than paper), permanent coffee filters, sponges



Family : Felidae
Gestation : 3 months
Habits : solitary
Litter : 1 to 4 babies
Longevity : 15 years

panthère de l'amour