LION TAMARIN Leontopithecus rosalia

tamarin lion2

GOLDEN LION TAMARIN Leontopithecus chrysomelas

tamarin lion  tte dor

Their index is very long, which enables them to dislodge insects.

WEIGHT : 500 to 700 g

FOOD : Fruits, flowers and insects

THREATS : Deforestation (coal mining, agriculture and over-intensive cattle breeding), poaching.

RED LIST : Threatened

ECO-GESTURE : The Atlantic Forest is one of the richest ecosystems on the planet but it is alto the most devastated in Brazil. 93% of the forest has already disappeared and there is a good chance that it will completely disappaer from the face of the earth by year 2050.



Family : Callitrichidae
Gestation : 125 to 132 days
Habits : gregarious
Litter : 1 or 2 babies
Longevity : 15 years

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