TIKUNA, a lowland tapir

//TIKUNA, a lowland tapir

The zoo des Sables d’Olonne greets the birth of Tikuna, small female lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris). Tikuna is the first young of Nazca, our female and Quito, our male, 5 and 14-year-old respectively. After a long gestation of 13 months, Nazca gave birth June 22nd of this year. Hardly old of two weeks,  Tikuna is visible because she goes out every day with her mother in a small enclosure , to protect her from her environment. It will be towards the age of one month, when she will be abble to swim in the big pond,  she will go out in the main enclosure, with the other tapirs, rheas, vicunas and capybaras.

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