Opening Hours

The zoo will be opened every day from February the 8th to November the 11th 2020 and for Christmas holidays, including sundays and public holidays. ZOO CLOSED FROM SUNDAY 15TH MARCH 2020 FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD

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Open every day from February 9th to November 11th 2020 and for Christmas holidays OPENING HOURS 2020
FEBRUARY / MARCH 13h30 – 18h30
APRIL / MAY / JUNE 9h30 – 19h
JULY / AUGUST 9h30 – 19h30
SEPTEMBER 9h30 – 19h
OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 13h30 – 18h30*
*17h30 from the switch to winter time      **except 25/12 and 01/01

* Ticket office closes one hour and a half before park closure.