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Greater rhea


GREATER RHEA Rhea americana This cousin of ostrich is the tallest bird of America. It does not fly but run very quickly and can reach 60 to 80 kph.   WEIGHT : 20 to 30 kg FOOD : fruits, berries, seeds [...]

Festive days 2018


In 2018, magic days will make you cross an unforgettable moment in the zoo: tales, make-up, meetings... March 5th and 6th, 2018 : CARNIVAL OF ANIMALS Come to discover unusual animals! April 26th and 27th, 2018 : SPRING CELEBRATION Welcome [...]

Blue-fronted amazon


BLUE-FRONTED AMAZON Amazona aestiva WEIGHT : 300 to 600 g FOOD : fruits, berries, seeds THREATS : deforestation, poaching (for illegal pet trade) ECO-GEST : check the status of animal protection which we wish to acquire, as well as their origin! MORE INFO [...]

Buffon’s macaw


BUFFON’S MACAW Ara ambiguus WEIGHT : 1,2 to 1,4 kg FOOD : Fruits and seeds THREATS : Deforestation, poaching (illegal pet trade, meat and feather). RED LIST : Endangered MORE INFO : Family : Psittacidae Habits : pairs or gregorious Egg-laying : [...]

Hyacinth macaw


HYACINTH MACAW Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus The Hyacinth macaw is the biggest parrot of the world.   WEIGHT : 1,3 to 1,7  kg FOOD : Fruits and seeds THREATS : Deforestation, poaching (illegal pet trade, meat and feather). RED LIST : Vulnerable MORE INFO : Family : [...]

Fouegian steamer duck


FOUEGIAN STEAMER DUCK Tachyeres pteneres This owl his duck cannot fly but it is an excellent diver !   WEIGHT : 3,5 to 7 kg FOOD : seaweeds shellfish, shells, fishes… MORE INFO : Family : Anatidae Habits : pairs Egg-laying : 4 to 11 eggs Incubation : 28 to 40 [...]

Southern Ground Hornbill


SOUTHERN GROUND HORNBILL Bucorvus leadbeateri WEIGHT : 3 to 6 kg FOOD : Insects, frogs, lizards and small rodents THREATS : Habitat loss and destruction, hunting, collisions with power lines. RED LIST : Vulnerable MORE INFO : Family : Bucorvidae Habits : gregarious Egg-laying : 2 eggs [...]



CAPYBARA Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris The Capybara is an excellent swimmer. It’s the biggest rodent in the world !   WEIGHT : 30 to 80 kg FOOD : Plants THREATS : Poaching (meat and skin), habitat destruction (noticeably because of gold washing). ECO-GESTURE [...]

Bush dog


BUSH DOG Speothos venaticus This semi-aquatic canidae dives and swims easily.   WEIGHT : 5 to 7 kg FOOD : birds and rodents MENACES : Poaching. Destruction of its habitat for  livestock and human developpement humain. Diseases transmitted by domestic dogs. MORE INFO : Family : Canidae Habits : pairs Gestation [...]

Burrowing owl


BURROWING OWL Athene cunicularia This owl is the only one of its family to live in underground burrows.   WEIGHT : 120 to 250 g FOOD : insects, small reptiles, ruddents… THREATS : habitat destruction (use of pesticides in agriculture and destruction of burrows), car accidents. [...]

Prehensile-tailed porcupine


PREHENSILE-TAILED PORCUPINE Coendou prehensilis Semi-tree-dwelling, it possesses a prehensile tail, which is as the fifth member to hang on to branches.Its characteristic shout looks like a child’s groan. WEIGHT : 3 to 5 kg FOOD : Fruits, leaves et buds [...]

Kirk’s dik-dik


KIRK’S DIK-DIK Madoqua kirkii The name of this small antelope comes from the alarm cry it emits in case of dangers.   WEIGHT : 3 to 5 kg FOOD : Leaves and fruits THREATS : Poaching. Habitat destruction. MORE INFO : Family : Bovidae Habits : couples Gestation : [...]

Cuban Flamingo


CUBAN FLAMINGO Phoenicopterus ruber ruber Its color comes from seaweed, plankton and small water invertebrate animals’ pigments.   WEIGHT : 2 to 4 kg FOOD : Seaweed THREATS : Pollution ECO-GESTURE : Use eco-friendly products, such as : – sodium [...]

Giant Anteater


GIANT ANTEATER Myrmecophaga tridactyla It uses very  powerful claws to rip ant-hills and defend itself against jaguars.   WEIGHT : 18 to 60 kg FOOD : It can eat 1000 insects a minute thanks to its 65 to 90cm-long tongue. [...]

White-cheeked Gibbon


WHITE-CHEEKED GIBBON Nomascus leucogenys The male gibbon is black and the female is beige.   WEIGHT : 5 to 7 kg FOOD : Fruits THREATS : Poaching (meats, illegal trade commerce and medicine), deforestation (palm oil plantations). RED LIST : [...]