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Delayed opening


We are looking forward to seeing you again… But we will have to wait a little longer ! Without authorization from the government, we will not be able to open on February 6 as planned. To date, we have no visibility on [...]

Chiloe wigeon


CHILOE WINGEON  Mareca sibilatrix The melodious whistle emitted by the male is at the origin of the name of the species.   WEIGHT :  800 to 950 g FOOD : seeds, plants and some small invertebrates MORE INFO : Family : Anatidae Habits : [...]

Ringed teal


RINGED TEAL Callonetta leucophrystThis duck has the particularity of being able to perch in the trees. WEIGHT :  200 to 400 gFOOD : seeds, plants and some small invertebratesMORE INFO :Family : AnatidaeHabits : in pairsEgg-laying : 5 to 12 eggsIncubation :  28 daysLongevity: 20 years [...]

Northern lesser galago


NORTHERN LESSER GALAGOGalago senegalensisV ery fast, this small arboreal primate can jump 5m high! WEIGHT : 200 to 400 gFOOD : fruits, leaves, insectsMORE INFO :Family : GalagonidaeGestation : 140 to 142 daysHabits : gregariusLitter : 1 to 2 babiesLongevity : 4 years (10 years in captivity) [...]