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Buffon’s macaw


BUFFON’S MACAW Ara ambiguus WEIGHT : 1,2 to 1,4 kg FOOD : Fruits and seeds THREATS : Deforestation, poaching (illegal pet trade, meat and feather). RED LIST : Endangered MORE INFO : Family : Psittacidae Habits : pairs or gregorious Egg-laying : [...]

Hyacinth macaw


HYACINTH MACAW Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus The Hyacinth macaw is the biggest parrot of the world.   WEIGHT : 1,3 to 1,7  kg FOOD : Fruits and seeds THREATS : Deforestation, poaching (illegal pet trade, meat and feather). RED LIST : Vulnerable MORE INFO : Family : [...]

Fouegian steamer duck


FOUEGIAN STEAMER DUCK Tachyeres pteneres This owl his duck cannot fly but it is an excellent diver !   WEIGHT : 3,5 to 7 kg FOOD : seaweeds shellfish, shells, fishes… MORE INFO : Family : Anatidae Habits : pairs Egg-laying : 4 to 11 eggs Incubation : 28 to 40 [...]

Southern Ground Hornbill


SOUTHERN GROUND HORNBILL Bucorvus leadbeateri WEIGHT : 3 to 6 kg FOOD : Insects, frogs, lizards and small rodents THREATS : Habitat loss and destruction, hunting, collisions with power lines. RED LIST : Vulnerable MORE INFO : Family : Bucorvidae Habits : gregarious Egg-laying : 2 eggs [...]



CAPYBARA Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris The Capybara is an excellent swimmer. It’s the biggest rodent in the world !   WEIGHT : 30 to 80 kg FOOD : Plants THREATS : Poaching (meat and skin), habitat destruction (noticeably because of gold washing). ECO-GESTURE [...]

Bush dog


BUSH DOG Speothos venaticus This semi-aquatic canidae dives and swims easily.   WEIGHT : 5 to 7 kg FOOD : birds and rodents MENACES : Poaching. Destruction of its habitat for  livestock and human developpement humain. Diseases transmitted by domestic dogs. MORE INFO : Family : Canidae Habits : pairs Gestation [...]

Burrowing owl


BURROWING OWL Athene cunicularia This owl is the only one of its family to live in underground burrows.   WEIGHT : 120 to 250 g FOOD : insects, small reptiles, ruddents… THREATS : habitat destruction (use of pesticides in agriculture and destruction of burrows), car accidents. [...]