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Bush dog


BUSH DOG Speothos venaticus This semi-aquatic canidae dives and swims easily.   WEIGHT : 5 to 7 kg FOOD : birds and rodents MENACES : Poaching. Destruction of its habitat for  livestock and human developpement humain. Diseases transmitted by domestic dogs. RED LIST : Near threatened MORE INFO : Family : Canidae Habits : [...]

Kirk’s dik-dik


KIRK’S DIK-DIK Madoqua kirkii The name of this small antelope comes from the alarm cry it emits in case of dangers.   WEIGHT : 3 to 5 kg FOOD : Leaves and fruits THREATS : Poaching. Habitat destruction. MORE INFO : Family : Bovidae Habits : couples Gestation : [...]

Cuban Flamingo


CUBAN FLAMINGO Phoenicopterus ruber ruber Its color comes from seaweed, plankton and small water invertebrate animals’ pigments.   WEIGHT : 2 to 4 kg FOOD : Seaweed THREATS : Pollution ECO-GESTURE : Use eco-friendly products, such as : – sodium bicarbonate [...]

Giant Anteater


GIANT ANTEATER Myrmecophaga tridactyla It uses very  powerful claws to rip ant-hills and defend itself against jaguars.   WEIGHT : 18 to 60 kg FOOD : It can eat 1000 insects a minute thanks to its 65 to 90cm-long tongue. [...]

Kordofan Giraffe


KORDOFAN GIRAFFEGiraffa camelopardalis antiquorumThe giraffe is the largest terrestrial mammal in the world. WEIGHT : 800 to 1500 kgFOOD : With no upper incisors, it uses its tongue and lips to feed.THREATS : Poaching, habitat destruction.RED LIST : Critically endangered.ECO-GESTURE : Prefer [...]

Eclectus parrot


ECLECTUS PARROT Eclectus roratus This species presents a sexual dimorphisme of color, rare in the parrots family: males have a green plumage while the females have a red and blue one. WEIGHT : 350 to 500 g Food :  fruits,  berries et seeds. MORE [...]

Rainbow lorikeet


RAINBOW LORIKEET Trichoglossus moluccanus Its tongue is covered with corneal papillae, allowing it to collect nectar.   FOOD : Fruits, berries, nectar. THREATS : Habitat destruction, pet trade. MORE INFO : Family : Psittacoidea Habits : gregarious Egg-laying : 2 to [...]