Ailurus fulgens


The Red Panda is listed on the IUCN Red List as an “endangered” species.

Since 2013, Les Sables Zoo has been subsidizing the salary of a forest ranger in Nepal every year through the Red Panda Network.

Created in 1997, this organization works for the preservation of red panda in Nepal according to 3 guidelines : scientific research with continuous monitoring of the population, training of local communities in monitoring and environmental education of the youngest .

If you would like to contribute to the red panda  protection with Ecozoo Conservation, don’t hesitate to make a donation!

This carnivore eats bamboo because of the poverty of its environment.

WEIGHT : 3 to 6 kg

FOOD : Bamboo

THREATS : Deforestation (urbanization, agriculture and firewood), poaching (fur).

ECO-GESTURE : Reducing energy consumption enables to fight against global warming.
Shut off domestic appliance equipment instead of putting them into sleep mode.

Family : Ailuridae
Gestation : 130 days
Habits : solitary
Litter : 1 to 4 babies
Longevity : 15 years
CITES : Appendix IA